Be Persistent

Being persistent is lasting and enduring tenaciously in spite of opposition, obstacles, & discouragement. Often times being persistent is a difficult task. When times get tough our initial instinct is often to run, give up, or change course. Many times the difficult road is the persistent road. Staying the course and finishing the race. Three points that will help us to stay persistent and stay the course of living a life for

#1 Focus on possibilities, not circumstances. We are all faced will difficult circumstances through out our lives. We are all also faced with many possibilities and opportunities to serve the Lord each and every day. No matter the circumstances we must look for the possibilities to serve our Lord and Savior. God has the power to turn any circumstance into an opportunity to serve Him.

#2 Remember others who have made it. The church is filled with many people that have accomplished many great things. Having the ability to network with your brothers and sisters in Christ can give you comfort and encouragement so that you can face any situation. We need to lean on our brothers and sisters in Christ in the good times and the more difficult times. Someone within the church has more than likely faced the same situation you are facing. They are there for your encouragement and help.

3 You don’t know what you can do until you have to do it. Often times we don’t really know our true limits when it comes to service. We “think” we know, but often times put in certain situations, we can go further or do things we previously thought were impossible. We often don’t know what the next day has in store for us. But the fact is whatever comes our way we can endure with God on our sides. Others have done it before you and you can do it too.

Stay the course. Fight the battle. Be persistent. You can do it. The reward is the eternal gift of heaven.