Christ In The Home

“America is suffering because so many of its homes have been destroyed. America may be struggling for survival. The percentage of broken homes in the United States is about eight times what it was at the beginning of the Civil War.” Basil Overton, 1973

Bro. Overton typed these words over forty-four years ago but our homes continue to struggle! Please join us in room 205 each Wednesday night beginning at 6:30 PM as we look at the importance of Christ In The Home so we can strengthen & improve our homes as God would have us to. For the next 13 weeks, we will look at the following topics in depth:

• Christ in the Home

• Needs of Today’s Homes

• Marriage in the Home

• The Husband in Home

• The Wife in the Home

• The Father in the Home

• The Mother in the Home

• The Child in the Home

• Remembering God in Youth

• “What Have They Seen in Thine House?”

• Growing Old Gracefully in the Home

• The In-Law in the Home

• The Heavenly Home

Looking forward to seeing you in class!