Drinking Alcohol Is Not Supported in God’s Word

There are many categories of alcoholic beverages but they all fall under the name alcohol. Regardless of how you refer to an alcoholic drink, the goal is to become intoxicated, period. The name may change but the intent does not! I witnessed many family members and friends utilize alcohol on a daily basis beginning with my earliest memories. Unfortunately, this dependence on alcohol lead to the physical and/or emotional demise of loved ones, marriages failed, and their children were negatively impacted all because of their decision to drink. My personal observation of seeing family members, high school classmates, and college peers have their health affecdespairted, decisions altered, hopes turn to despair, and lives cut short sent a clear message to me alcohol is something, in which, I never want to partake.

Proverbs 20:1 says, “Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is lead astray is not wise.” Society wants you to drink alcohol when you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you’re socializing, and even drink alcohol when you’re eating. What do alcoholic advertisements promote? They promote the idea of “drink responsibly, but drink.” These commercials never mention the trail of wreckage caused by drinking: families destroyed, marriages and children left in the wreckage, vows bro- ken and friendships shattered as a result of being “intoxicated.” Many will attempt to defend the positives of alcohol. These defenses are rooted in man’s ways and man’s justification for refusing to do what God would have us to do on this matter. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Liquor (alcohol) has many defenders, but no defense.”

Those who attempt to defend the use of alcohol by our Lord will turn to John 2:1-11 and point to Jesus turning water into wine. However, we must remember this was Jesus’ first miracle. This miracle pointed to an ultimate truth, namely, his identity as the Messiah, the Son of God. John says his disciples believed on him. This was the purpose of the miracle—to produce faith (John 20:30-31). We know Jesus did not sin! He did not violate anything written in Scripture. Yes, He turned water into wine but it was not fermented wine. We must remember the water did not become wine so those in attendance at the wedding feast would become intoxicated (the nature of the wine is determined by the character of him who made it).

Our nation and our community will attempt to look for ways to permit the use of alcohol.  Fortunately, we only need to look at God’s Word for the answer & follow the evidence for reasons to be free from this sin.