Adult Bible Classes


It is believed by some that many in the church today lack a well-rounded “Christian vocabulary.” We often use terms and just assume that everyone knows what is being considered. Therefore, the idea is to study a different key term each week for the calendar year (Grace, Redemption, etc.). Each class will be studying the same word.

Congregation wide, all adult classes will be studying what is known as the “One Word” curriculum. Thus all classes will basically be studying the same material, the change for us is that we will be among a more normalized peer group.

Classes will be divided based upon “season of life.”

We are seeking to foster an environment that is conducive to deeper study and thus reaching a better understanding of God’s Holy Word.

We are seeking to foster an environment that is conducive to deeper personal connections and thus being able to love and minister to one another in a more effective and positive manner.

Auditorium—Senior Citizens (and all others comfortable here) Various Teachers on Rotation

Room 205—Empty Nest- Allen Jones

Room 204—Young Families -Bart Warren

Conference Room—College Age / Young Adult -Jeremy Prichard

Drills and Skills

Master Drills & Skills Master Drills & Skills Teacher’s Edition Chronology Chronology – People Chronology – People Facts Major Bible Themes – Old & New General Knowledge Questions With Answers

Memory Verses

4’s and 5’s memory verse Memory Verse 4’s – 5’s December 2017 – May 2018   Kindergarten – 1st Grade memory verse Memory Verse K- 1st December 2017 – May 2018   2nd Grade memory verse Memory Verse 2nd December 2017 – May 2018   3rd and 4th Grade memory verse   Memory Verse 3rd-4th …


Teachers for Sunday 12/3/17 – 5/30/18   Cradle Roll  –  Sarah Neville & Karen Kerney 2 & 3 year old –  Debbie Bunnell & Pam Smith 4 & 5 year old – Lisa Richardson & Shelby Sellers K-1rst  – Amy Jones & Alison Prichard 2nd – Audrey Floyd 3rd & 4th Grade – Nancy Denham …