Grilling out, spending time with friends & family, and watching fireworks is how most of us will spendQrXgXMhCSouyhU7idq7g_IMG_8402 this weekend as we celebrate Independence Day as a nation. We know with independence comes freedom. Christians understand with freedom comes responsibilities.

Like you, I have always counted myself as a proud American. I am appreciative of the sacrifices that have been made by the men & women who have fought and died for our freedom. The majority of our citizenry have at least some form of understanding & respect for our Creator.

Dating back to the beginning of our nation, most of the framers of our Constitution and early Leaders used the Bible as their guide. As our nation grew and matured across the globe, God’s Word continued to be the foundation of diplomacy. The United States quickly became known as a Christian Nation.

Unfortunately, as our nation has prospered and expanded the idea of freedom, our citizens & government Leaders have gotten away from the Bible when leading the people of this country. Freedom is indeed a wonderful thing so long as it is not abused or unbridled.

Recently, the Supreme Court told the citizens of this country, God’s plan for marriage does not have to be followed. Many will say, “One has the freedom to make the choices they wish.” God’s plan for marriage has never and will never change. We don’t have the liberty to create our own equation for marriage. Galatians 5:13 says, “For you, brethren have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.”

Jesus Christ died so we may have freedom. We show our appreciation by keeping His Commandments (John 14:15). Jesus Christ died so we may be free from sin, not slaves to sin. Let’s all pray our country will stop using our freedom as a “cloak” to participate in ungodly activities. We are promised a reward if we are faithful (Revelation 2:10). This reward is greater than any freedom we may be afforded by our nation. Lets use our freedom to honor our Lord and remain faithful to Him!

~Allen Jones