One of the latest games to take the world by storm is a Smartphone app known as Pokemon Go!

The app has broken records. Thousands are playing it. You can’t drive through the square here in town (or most any other sidewalk, parking lot, etc.) without seeing people walking along with their phones out as they are in search of these animated creatures. What happens is that players search for animated characters that are superimposed on real-life images on their phone screens.

The idea is to get people out and moving. Instead of sitting alone inside they are to get exercise and possibly social interaction.grid-cell-31810-1468307576-9

You and I know of something that is actually important and consequential. There really is something special we should be seeking! Matthew 13:45

You and I know that we really should GO! We should be up and moving and sharing the message and love of Jesus with others! Romans 10:14-15; Matthew 28:18-20