Help Wanted

We have all gone to the HELP WANTED column of the classified section of the newspaper. When I needed a second job, I would spend a dollar in hopes of finding employment in the Sunday edition. Most of the time, we can find work if we are seeking. This is especially true in the work of the church.

Someone once told me, “There should never be any unemployed Christians.” Much work is to be done in bringing others to Christ. We know secular work sustains our family & allows the work of the church to grow. However, we are still expected to work for the Lord by sowing & reaping. The only way to have a harvest is to plant the seed. Telling others about Jesus is the only way seeds can be planted. The world needs to hear the Gospel so the harvest can take place. The challenge

Help Wanted sign held by man.

Help Wanted sign held by man.

is the church is lacking those who will work. What Jesus says in Matthew 10:37 still rings true today, “Then He said to His disciples, The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” In essence, Jesus is saying, HELP WANTED.

I grew up with many good athletes. One of the traits that allowed my peers to stand out athletically was their ability to be multi-dimensional. Good basketball players do more than shoot, good football players do more than run, and good golfers can play different courses! We as Christians may say, “I can only lead singing so that’s my job in the kingdom.” Others may say, “I’m a good cook, so I will focus on preparing meals for others.” While these & other skills contribute to sowing & reaping, choosing to remain one-dimensional limits our effectiveness for the Lord.

We all have been given so many talents. Matthew 25:14-30 explains we must use our talents and multiply our abilities. Christians have been equipped by our Creator. We sometimes say 20% of the people do 80% of the work. In actuality, if 20% of the people are working, only 20% of the work is being done. We have settled for far less than what could be done in the name of Jesus. Will you respond to the plea for HELP WANTED?