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Lads to Leaders (L2L)

Lads to Leaders

2018 Lads to Leaders

March 30-April 1, 2018

 In Remembrance of Me  – I Corinthians 11:24

Pearls: 1 & 2 Corinthians – Faith is the Victory

 Bible Bowl : 1 & 2 Corinthians

The 2017 Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes Convention was help April 14-16 in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel. We are proud of each of these participants and their hard work. We especially want to thank Chris Page and Frankie McCoy for their leadership and dedication to this program and to the youth and their families that participate in this ministry.

Debate: Girls—Macy Matthews & Ellie Jones, Allie McCoy & Acey Page, Emily Perkins & Bayley Hammer Boys—Garrison Page & Tanner Wright

Puppets: 6th grade team MacyGarrett, KarolineGeralds ,AddisonMcCoy, TatePace, AshtonPage, LucyRichardson & Gabrielle Turner

7th grade team 2nd place—Kennedy Gill, Kayla Kaumanns, Asa Jones, Ella Pace, Will Matthews, Gracey Wright & Madeline Prichard

11th grade team—Payton Curtis, Jake Gill, Macy Matthews, Allie McCoy, Acey Page, Garrison Page, Caroline Watkins & Tanner Wright

12th grade team—Bayley Hammer, Riley Fudge, Ellie Jones, Emily Perkins, Jordan Pritchard & Chase Watkins

Oral Bible Reading: Lily Turner, Brooklyn Wright, Ike Warren & Jet Warren

MassMedia: EllaPace,AceyPage,EmilyPerkins-2ndPowerPoint(grades10-12),GrantTurner-1stPower Point(grades7- 9)

Art Says It: Jake Gill-1st Photography (Grades 9-10), Kennedy Gill-1st Photography (Grades 3-4), Asa Jones, Ellie Jones- 3rd Painting (Grades 9-10), Kayla Kaumanns, Macy Matthews, Addison McCoy-2nd Painting (Grades 3-4), Allie McCoy, Andrew Neville, Lauren Neville, Ella Pace-3rd Painting (Grades 3-4), Jordan Pritchard, Lucy Richardson-1st Painting (Grades 5-6), Gabrielle Turner-1st Painting (Grades 2-4) & Gracey Wright

SongsofPraise: KennedyGill,BayleyHammer,EllieJones,KaylaKaumanns,AddisonMcCoy-Finalist,AllieMcCoy,Lauren Neville, Ella Pace, Acey Page-Finalist, Madeline Prichard 3rd Pace (Grade 4), Riley Prichard, Lucy Richardson-Finalist, Lily Turner, Allie Walton, & Brooklyn Wright

Song Leading: Colton Irwin, Will Matthews-Finalist, Andrew Neville, Tate Pace-Finalist, Ashton Page, Luke Prichard, Ike Warren, Jet Warren, & Jake Warren

Girls Speech: Ellie Jones, Kayla Kaumanns-1st (Grade 3), Addison McCoy-2nd (Grade 4), Lauren Neville, Ella Pace, Acey Page-Finalist (Grade 8), Madeline Prichard-Finalist (Grade 4), Riley Prichard & Allie Walton
BoysSpeech: AsaJones,TatePace,AshtonPage-3rd(Grade3),GarrisonPage-3rdWinnersCircle(Grade11),LukePrichard, Tanner Wright

Bible Bowl Test High Scorers: Ike Warren, Jet Warren (K-2), Madeline Prichard, Ashton Page, (Grades 3-4), Allie McCoy, Acey Page (Grades 7-8), Garrison Page (Grades 11-12)

Bible Bowl Teams:
Team A Grades 3-4—Lauren Neville, Ella Pace, Ashton Page & Tate Pace
Team B Grades 3-4—Paul Lowe, Luke Prichard, Ike Warren, Jet Warren
Team A Grades 5-6– Finalist– Katie Geralds, Madeline Prichard, Riley Prichard & Allie Walton
Team A Grades 9-10 Bayley Hammer, Asa Jones, Ellie Jones, Emily Perkins & Gracey Wright
Team A Grades 11-12-3rd Place-Allie McCoy, Acey Page, Garrison Page & Tanner Wright

Pearls Written Test High Scorers: Allie McCoy (Grades 7-8), Emily Perkins (Grades 9-10), Garrison Page & Tanner Wright (Grades 11-12)
Pearls Test: Bayley Hammer, Asa Jones, Macy Matthews, Allie McCoy, Acey Page, Garrison Page, Emily Perkins, Jordan Pritchard, Caroline Watkins, Chase Watkins, Gracey Wright & Tanner Wright

Good Samaritan Bronze: Macy Garrett, Jake Gill, Kennedy Gill, Asa Jones, Ellie Jones, Kayla Kaumanns, Miley Kaumanns, Paul Lowe, Will Matthews, Macy Matthews, Andrew Neville, Lauren Neville, Ella, Pace, Jackson Pace, Tate Pace, Emily Perkins, Gabrielle Turner, Lily Turner, Allie Walton, Ike Warren, Jet Warren, Jake Warren, Caroline Watkins, Chase Watkins, Brooklyn Wright, Gracey Wright & Tanner Wright

Good Samaritan Silver: Addison McCoy, Allie McCoy, Acey Page, Ashton Page, Garrison Page, Luke Prichard, Madeline Prichard, Riley Prichard, Jordan Pritchard & Lucy Richardson