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Dale Byrum
“Open Door Ministry” in the Philippines


1. New church plant in Jagna, Bohol Province, conducted by the Tagbilaran church
2. Medical/Benevolence missions at Cauayan and Tacloban
3. Laid the foundation for a 2017 new church plant in Isabela Province
4. Visited & encouraged MaryDiana, “our” orphan girl
5. Worked with numerous infant and struggling churches to build their numbers
6. Assisted Ken Wilkey with Hinunangan Leadership workshop, Leyte Province
7. Feeding Programs & Medical Missions


1. Dale taught “NT Church,” “Romans,” and “Church History” at Gusii Preaching School
2. Karen Byrum & Connie Pyles (who signs) taught sewing and jewelry making at Sam’s Place, deaf orphanage in Kenya
3. First group trip to Kisii, serving the churches in VBS and Evangelism, as well as physical improvements at Gusii Preaching School

Overall: 50+ baptisms with many follow-up Bible studies in every location. Conversions, not just baptisms, is the goal and emphasis of our work.




Partners 4 Africa

It was such a pleasure to have Dorian and Cheri Flynn with us on Sunday! We have supported this work for several years now and look forward to continued support for many years to come.

We felt as though this would be an appropriate time to share what has been (and continues to be) accomplished by our brothers and sisters in Africa.

Making Orphan Meals
In some 25 villages, orphans, at-risk and other special needs children are given enough food to feed a family of four for three to four weeks.

Especially in the recent time of drastic famine, these people would simply go without proper sustenance.

Africa Container Transport
At different times over the last couple of years, we have filled numerous banana boxes full of various items. We have packed them we clothes, shoes, Bibles, biblical material, medical equipment, textbooks, et. al.

To date, 5 twenty-foot containers and 21 forty-foot containers have been shipped overseas.

When the containers arrive, the contents are distributed by volunteers to the churches and communities.

Each container supplies anywhere from eleven to fifteen congregations.

Drilling and Drip Irrigation
Can you imagine going without clean water? For most of us, water is in such abundant supply that we simply take it for granted. There is always a spout, sink, fountain, etc. However, for many in Africa water is precious as it is in limited supply. People must exert great effort to procure the necessary amount of water they need to live.

In little more than eight years, fifty water wells have been completed!

South Green Street is personally responsible for seven of these wells.

Thanks to these wells, the dreadfully low life-expectancy of 37 years is dramatically increased.

Of course, as with all of these projects, the aim is to share Jesus Christ, the Living Water (John 4:13-14).

Amazon Clinic & Christian School
A medical clinic opened in September and serves 15 villages. They specialize in maternity, infectious diseases, infections, broken bones, diabetes, high blood pressure and malnutrition.

A Christian High School is in development and seeks to open in January of 2019.

Spiritual Growth & Development
God is blessing these efforts in a number of ways…most notably by the spiritual growth that is being seen.

To date, there have been more than 4,100 baptisms.
57 new congregations have been planted.

5 new elderships have been installed.

To God be the glory!

Please continue to keep Dorian and Cheri Flynn in your prayers!