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Youth Events

K-6th Devo

The K-6th devo will be hosted by Roger & Nancy Cline in October. More details will be announced at a later date.

7th-12th Devo

The October 7th-12th devo will be held Sunday, October 15, following the evening services. More details will be announced at a later date. Please make plans to attend this event.


Trunk or Treat

Sign ups are posted at the backdoor & the front foyer for Trunk or Treat. This event will be held Sunday, October 29. There will be a congregational potluck following services prior to the Trunk or Treat. Please plan to bring your favorite soup, sandwiches and/or dessert.

Coral Hill Youth Rally

Youth rally Sunday, Sept. 24, beginning at 3:00 at the Coral Hill church of Christ. If interested, please let Nick Pace know.

Active Digital Parenting Seminar

Please make plans to attend a technology, internet, and social medial seminar on Sunday, February 11. More details to come.

Evangelism University

EU will be January 12-14 in Savannah, TN. It is a weekend dedicated to teaching our youth share the Gospel of Christ. If interested, please see Nick.

Challenge Youth Conference

CYC will be February 22-25 in Pigeon Forge, TN. Please mark your calendars.


CYC 2016CYC 2016


Trunk or Treat


Taylor Christian Camp

Taylor Christian Camp is a spiritual, fun filled week in Allen County, Kentucky.  The week is spent studying the Bible, worshiping God, and building friendships with other Christians from around south central Kentucky.  Kids that have completed second grade to graduated high school seniors are campers this week.

Any youth that has completed the 2nd grade is eligible to attend camp. Applications have been placed near the entrances of the building. We are excited about our upcoming week of summer camp. If you are interested or have any questions, please see Nick Pace.



Horizons is a week long leadership Bible camp located on the campus of Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, TN.  This week is an in depth study of God’s word, worshiping the Lord, encouraging one another, and making friends for a lifetime.  Spending the week with over 1,000 others dedicated to living the life of Christ is so encouraging and uplifting.  6th grade to graduated seniors participate in this leadership camp.

Applications for Horizons Leadership camp are now available. Horizons is located on the campus of Freed-Hardeman University.  If you are interested or have any questions, please see Nick Pace.

Evangelism University

A weekend youth event dedicated to teaching and preparing our youth to evangelize.  Teens participate in worship services, devotionals, in depth evangelism classes, and fun activities throughout the weekend.  Teens 7th grade to high school seniors participate in this event. Visit the webpage here.

Evangelism University 2017

Challenge Youth Conference

Spiritual filled weekend in Gatlinburg, TN. worshiping God and studying His word.  Youth 6th grade – seniors in high school participate in this event.  Teens participate in worship services and devotionals thorough out the weekend.


Monthly Devotionals

Teens and their families participate in monthly devotionals worshiping God and studying the Bible.  Teen guys are usually in charge of leading the singing and prayers.  Short lessons are presented to the teens and families on relevant topics.  These are usually hosted by a family from the congregation or at the church building in the Youth Center.

Youth Rallies

Teens attend and participate in area youth rallies.  At youth rallies, teens participate in worship services, attend classes, participate in service projects, etc.  Youth rallies are also great opportunities for teens to meet and build friendships with other Christian teens in the area.  3 – 5 youth rallies are usually attended a year

Sr. Members Banquet

The teens of the congregation host a night honoring the senior members of the congregation.  Teens decorate, serve a meal, and provide entertainment for the evening to the seniors.  This banquet is usually once a year and 6th – 12th grade teens participate.