More Than An Education

Since the beginning of the educational system as we know it, our country has always educated the “masses.” I can remember my parents referring to education as the “3 R’s.” I can still hear my dad say, “readin’, ritin’, and rithmetic.” My parents pushed me beyond my ability because they could see the skills needed for survival were changing before their eyes. We are still trying to educate everyone in our country because of the value we place on skill enhancement. Unfortunately, our educational system has moved beyond teaching the “basics” & our children are getting more than an education.506449_stock-photo-kids-going-to-school

As our youth are heading back to school, the church must find ways to support and help them. Kids are being challenged academically for advancement. Children are being challenged spiritually because of worldliness. It seems more & more, “education” is more about philosophy than vocation. Schools & Universities reflect society. We continue to observe what the Prophet Isaiah (5:20) says, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Our youth are being ex- posed in the classroom to what used to be called “evil.”

More than ever before, our youth are having their speech & conversation challenged (Matt. 12:34-35; Matt. 5:16). Our youngsters are being mocked for their commitment & dedication to the Lord (Matt. 6:33; Luke 10:27). Their faith is being questioned in a militant, aggressive manner while being tempted as they participate in the educational process.

What can we do? We must stay involved of every aspect of our child’s life. We have an opportunity to help them receive more than an education.