No “I” in TEAM

Paul tells Christians in Ephesians 4:15 Jesus Christ is the Standard, the Head, the One we should emulate! Christians should always remember our example demonstrates our commitment to Christ. As we work and labor to expand the borders of God’s Kingdom, we sometimes become weary, frustrated, and discontented. Paul states we are to grow up in all things into Him.
The implication is spiritual development. However, if we are developing spiritually, we will mature emotionally. As we become weary, frustrated, and discontented, growing Christians will understand the mission we are given in Ephesians 4:12 is greater than us.
We must remember the church is comprised of individuals that work for the good (growth) of the church. Ephesians 4:16 reminds us we are “joined and knitted together…every part does its share, causes growth of the body.”
Our recent mission effort with the Grant County church of Christ allowed us to grow evangelistically, grow spiritually, and grow together. Traveling outside our building afforded our members the opportunity to realize the mission of extending the church’s reach, using individual talents, and relying on each other to accomplish our charge.
Christians would agree we are striving to travel the same direction. Everyone is to be included & committed to reaching the lost while reflecting Christ. Our members who journeyed to Grant County worked very hard in all areas.
One of my favorite acronyms is TEAM (Together Each Achieves More). I once ordered 50 new uniforms for the football team I was coaching. When I placed the order, I purposely did not order a jersey with the number 1 on it. Just as we see there is no “I”in TEAM; no one is greater than someone else.

Unity requires growth, growth requires choice, and the church needs all Christians.