Saying Goodbye

Last Saturday we said, “goodbye” to my Uncle’s wife. She was 93 years old. She was part of the “Greatest Generation.” This generation knew hard work and they were guided by a moral compass directed by God.
I watched friends & family file in the funeral home to offer my aunt’s children, grand- children, and great-grandchildren a comforting hug or a encouraging smile while holding back tears themselves.
Pictures on the screen to the left of where we sat, rotated to show a life that had come full circle. As each picture changed to the next, I began to reflect on the appointment we will all keep (Hebrews 9:27).
The scenes displayephoto-1431898542497-133ad897e05fd a life lived and a life that will be missed. I began to ask these questions in my head, “Am I focused on Christ?”; “Am I investing my time in things that will bring others to God’s Kingdom?”; “Do I participate in the work of the church or am I just on the team?”
A few questions we can all ask our- selves… “Is my career helping someone get to Heaven?”; “Is my hobby helping me grow spiritually?”; “Does the money I spend bring others to Jesus or do my possessions come first?” One day someone will be saying “Goodbye” to us. Will your life be lived in service to God?