The Trinity: Three in One?! (part 4)

TrinityLast week, we noted that, as the nature of God is progressively revealed in Scripture, the one God is seen to exist eternally in three persons, & that these three persons share the same divine nature yet are different in role & relationship.  The basic principle at the heart of God’s triune being is unity & distinction, both coexisting without either being compromised.

Think of it like this: While equal in nature but distinct in role & relationship, the distinct roles typically have the Father willing, the Son accomplishing & the Spirit applying the work of the Son, & this truth is most fully realized in the NT where the divine Father, Son & Spirit are seen accomplishing redemption.

Here is the basic gist: The Father planned redemption & sent the Son into the world (John 3:16; Gal 4:4; Eph 1:3-5).  The Son obeyed the Father & accomplished redemption for us (John 4:34; 5:19; 6:38; Heb 10:5-7).  The Father did not come to die for our sins, nor did the Holy Spirit, but that was the role of the Son.  And, then both the Father & Son sent the Holy Spirit in a new way after Pentecost (John 14:26; 15:26; 16:7).

Furthermore, what’s amazing about all this is that these relationships existed eternally (Rom 8:29), & they provide the basis for simultaneous equality & differences in various human relationships, what we will look at in the coming weeks!