Things That Matter

We want to leave things for our children upon our passing. Why? Our children want things to remember us by, our children want things so they will remember their childhood, & our children want things that will sustain them through the difficult years of adulthood. What shall we leave our children?

A good name: Solomon said: “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.” Proverbs 22:1
We know riches can be taken, but the reputation of a faithful Christian cannot.leave-a-legacy

A good memory of a Christian House: Luke 15, the Prodigal Son was wasteful. When he realized his plight, his memory caused him to make the long trip home. Why? The influence of a Christian Home is powerful in the minds of our children.

Personal example: It is important to tell children what is right, but it is equally important to demonstrate. Our actions and words must match. In a world full of confusing pathways, the last thing our children need are mixed signals of what their parents stood for spiritually.

A good education: Luke 2:52 is the perfect education…Jesus increased in wisdom & stature and in favor with God & Man. We recognize our children must be vocationally proficient, but more importantly, they must be spiritually prepared!

A true faith in God! Our children must own their faith. Have we prepared them to explain why they believe what they believe? Does their belief come from Scripture or tradition?

We will leave things to our children. Choose to leave things that matter!