Too Many Sins?

Immerse Me Again_Look . . . !  I understand, OK?  I know what it’s like to feel regret and remorse, and to ask questions like, “Have I done enough?” and “How am I ever going to be forgiven?”  True, some, yea . . . many, after embraceing and putting Jesus on through immersion, wander astray, do things they shouldn’t, and so on.  Still others are trapped in the past, still downtrodden by the sins they once committed, too much regret.  I know!  I get it!  And so these type of questions become relevant.  But you know what?  It doesn’t have to be like that!  In fact, the Gospel of Christ is far too pure and cleansing for those human thoughts, especially for those who are trying to develop a relationship with God.  It would be one thing to completely disregard Him, but it is an entirely different thing to actually work on your relationship with Him, no?

You know what the Gospel provides?  True forgiveness . . . and for all sins (1 John 1:7)!

You know what the Gospel provides?  Certainty of salvation . . . , no more wondering, no more regret (1 John 5:13)!

You know what the Gospel provides?  Peace . . . from ourselves and from this world (Phil 4:7)!

Stop questioning your salvation.  Rejoice in the blessings of God’s love!  God can forgive even the worst sinner and repurpose him for His kingdom. (1 Tim 1:12-17).  Let God do that with you!

Have a good week!