TV : What can we watch!?

Several years ago I can remember thinking, “Christians do not have options when it comes to television programming.” Not long after I pondered this thought, the Gospel Broadcasting Network was developed and went “live.”

What is the Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN)? GBN is simply the best & most informative Scriptural programming available that provides 24 hour cable television access to book, chapter, and verse programs & sermons!gbnlogo

What type of programs can I expect from the Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN)? You can expect: daily Bible programs geared towards children, Bible segments focused on round table discussions, culture specific topics & how all Christians can respond to these modern day challenges, and programming relevant to strengthening the family.

How can I view or access the Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN)? Glasgow Electric Plant Board customers can view GBN at channel 184. South Central Rural Telephone customers can view GBN at channel 113. You can access GBN on-line at Additionally, GBN can be accessed on your electronic device by downloading apps specific to your device. You can call GBN at (662)-874-5508 or email the network at

Why should I watch the Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN)? You should watch GBN for three rea- sons: the programming allows you to grow spiritually while increasing your faith (II Peter 1:5-11) and equips you to proclaim the Gospel (Matthew 28:18-20)! GBN is a tool we all need to utilize and support! When you find yourself asking, “What can we watch,” please consider GBN.