What Do You Worry About?

Each one of us could not answer this question with just a sentence or two. We could not respond with just a few words. Our answers would probably range from worry over family, finances, or the health of self and others. Most of us are expert worriers because of our concern for others.

What is worry?

• To give way to anxiety or unease

• To harass by pursuit or barking

• To trouble or plague

• To harass with labor, to fatigue

How can negative worry damage our health?

• We can be left with the feeling of being attacked emotionally.

• We are fatigued, pain, or emotionally drained.

• We deal with ulcers, backaches, headaches, insomnia.

Worry can be positive...

Philippians 2:19-28 makes it plain that worry or concern for others results in Paul showing concern for the Philippian church. Verse 19 tells us Paul is sending Timothy to them because of his worry for them. Like- wise, this congregation sent Epaphroditus to Paul because of their worry for him. Philippians 4:4-7 gives a solution to our worries. We are to rejoice, not worry. We are to think on healthy things. This allows God to bring peace into our lives.

We all worry. Will you worry in such a way that allows God to help you as you show concern?