Who Are You Willing To Become?

Last week we looked at the concept of Who Do You Think You Are. We used Saul of the New Testament to show the importance of knowing who we are. This week, let us continue looking at Saul/Paul of the New Testament to answer the question of Who Are You Willing to Become.

Boy dressed as an astronaut

Most everyone as a child dreams of becoming some thing once they grow older. Many dream to be ball players, actors, singers, mechanics, doctors, lawyers, preachers, and many other things. In order to achieve all of those occupations or careers, one must have an education, background, experience, skills, or proper training.

We see that Saul had the proper education, the family background, the experience, and the education that was needed in being the strict follower of the Old Law that he was. But the question is, what was Saul willing to become? God spoke to and blinded Saul on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians. Here we see 3 things Saul was willing to do in order to become what God wanted him to become:

1. Saul was willing to listen. (Acts 9:3-5)

2. Saul was willing to obey God. (Acts 9:8)

3. Saul was willing to tell others about God. (Acts 9:20-22)

We must also be willing to do all these things just as Paul was. What else must we be willing to do in order to become the Christian that God commands us to be?

1. We must love. Matthew tells us in chapter 22 we must love the Lord your God will all our heart, soul and mind. Luke tells us in chapter 6 we must love our enemies. We must love ALL.

2. We must forgive. Forgiveness is a must because God has forgiven us of our sins.

3. We must repent. We can’t continue to live in the sin that we once lived in and expect to receive the blessings of Christ.