Online Church Directory

We are in the process of compiling an online directory for all members of the South Green St. church of Christ using Instant Church Directory.  Please email your preferred family/individual photo to nick@sgcofc.com or nancy@sgcofc.com after completing the form. Click here to fill out your directory information..



Spiritual Bucket List

Creating the proverbial “bucket list” can be a lot of fun. Coming up with a list of things you would like to do one day in the not-too-distant future is also a good way to take the first step in accomplishing your goals. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are expected to be growing (1 …

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The Church, The Centerpiece Of The Community

We are aware of the damage caused by the recent hurricanes. We have read several instances where hurricane victims reached out to the local church for help. An Elder in Vidor, Texas stated, “This is the best thing that every happened to the church in Vidor. People are seeing the love the church has for …

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Forever Changed

September 11, 2001 Sixteen years ago today—our country was forever changed. Changed in how we view ourselves and others. Changed in how we conduct business. Changed in how we go about our daily lives. As a country, it is important that we look back to this day and continue to recognize it as significant. We …

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Our Influence

One of my favorite art projects in high school involved creating clay pots. I spent time & energy to create something I molded. I influenced the design & outcome of my creation. Are we using our influence? Our culture is heavily influenced by politics, athletics, & celebrities. We attach ourselves to someone in these areas …

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