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Will you be back?

“Will you be back?” was the question I was asked at least once a week on Saturday mornings in 2012. That year I was given the opportunity to volunteer at the Barren County Detention Center and teach classes to individuals who were incarcerated. Originally, I set up a pro- gram to test a social/emotional intervention …

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No “I” in TEAM

Paul tells Christians in Ephesians 4:15 Jesus Christ is the Standard, the Head, the One we should emulate! Christians should always remember our example demonstrates our commitment to Christ. As we work and labor to expand the borders of God’s Kingdom, we sometimes become weary, frustrated, and discontented. Paul states we are to grow up …

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Finding Time

We are blessed to have 168 hours in a week. We know during that span of time many jobs, chores, and hurdles require our attention. We know that Matthew 6:33 tells us to “seek first the kingdom of God.” We know the benefit of studying God’s word and how we are strengthened spiritually & emotionally …

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What does the church have to offer me?

The church continues to offer all of the same benefits it has always offered. We sometimes chase after what the world offers. We invest hours upon hours to ensure we will secure “status” or significance in society. We prepare ourselves and our children for opportunities that will put us in a position to secure a …

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Grilling out, spending time with friends & family, and watching fireworks is how most of us will spend this weekend as we celebrate Independence Day as a nation. We know with independence comes freedom. Christians understand with freedom comes responsibilities. Like you, I have always counted myself as a proud American. I am appreciative of …

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